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Hemanth Balaji

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Are you searching for a skilled and strategic freelance SEO consultant located in London, UK? Look no further. I specialise in helping brands enhance their online visibility through result-oriented SEO strategies.

As a versatile freelance SEO consultant, I offer a wide range of services, including Technical SEO audits, On-page and off-page analysis, Competitor analysis, SEO strategy planning, website migration support, Link audits and more.

If you’re looking for a result-driven and passionate SEO expert who is committed to helping businesses succeed, your search is over. I am dedicated to staying up-to-date with the latest SEO trends and their impact on clients’ online visibility.

What sets me apart from other SEO consultants?

  • I am a results-driven, passionate SEO expert who wants to see businesses succeed.
  • I am knowledgeable in the latest SEO trends and passionate about helping businesses increase their visibility
  • My SEO approach is tailored to client’s business priorities and customised for their specific needs
  • I am committed to delivering results, not just making promises. Your success is my reputation.
  • I collaborate closely with internal teams to align SEO efforts with business objectives
  • I stay updated with the latest search trends, tools, and technologies to stay ahead of the curve.
  • The absence of hidden or excessive agency fees is a characteristic shared by myself and other SEO freelancers.



My report covers technical analysis, on-page optimization, and competitor off-page strategy analysis. I will address any crawling, indexation, canonical, and ranking problems. My SEO-best-practice action plan will optimize page titles and meta data, conduct a content review, implement internal linking, effectively use structured data, improve page speed, and more. My recommendations will focus on high ROI and I will assist in implementing them.


My technical SEO audits are customised to fit each client’s specific requirements, not just following a standard checklist. I run bespoke manual audits to identify key areas for improvement, including crawl and indexation issues, duplication and canonicalization, page experience and core web vitals, XML sitemaps, broken links and redirects, structured data, mobile-friendliness, and URL structure. I will provide solutions assess the severity of each issue and work with you to prioritize implementation based on the expected ROI.


I offer a thorough competitor analysis to enhance your SEO strategy. My analysis includes market share, cross-over keyword/gap analysis, and identification of opportunities to differentiate your business and increase visibility. The result is a clear understanding of the market landscape and actionable insights to stay ahead of the competition and achieve desired results.


With my on-page optimisation skills, I’ll identify opportunities for improvement, make necessary changes, and increase your search rankings. I’ll evaluate your website’s content and structure to ensure it aligns with user demand and enhances the user journey. My recommendations will improve the quality of your content, increase brand awareness, and create engaging, search engine-friendly content that resonates with your target audience.


Improve your SEO visibility and grow your business in target markets. My local SEO recommendations will boost your presence to local customers through location-based page analysis and improved local business listings on search engines and local directories. My international SEO recommendations will help you optimise your website for target countries or languages.

Maximise your website’s SEO visibility with these flexible engagement options:

Monthly Retainer: Ongoing support to improve your website’s SEO visibility, including regular website crawls and optimisations, and weekly check-ins.

Project-Based SEO Services: Customised one-time SEO solutions to tackle specific areas such as keyword research, on-page optimisation, competitor analysis, content strategy, site migration and more.

Quick Consultations: Get expert advice and support on your in-house SEO efforts through a one-time consultation. I’ll review and provide recommendations on strategy, implementation, and special projects.

** Please note that I offer flexible SEO services that can be customised to fit the needs of your business. All of my services include in-depth research and planning, customised to your business, as well as health checks and audits, and the implementation of optimised SEO actions. My goal is to provide great SEO that satisfies both customers and search engines, leading to improved conversion rates.


Helped multiple brands dominate search results. Experienced working with businesses of all sizes including leading brands, start-ups and SMBs.

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Maximizing Your Success with a Freelance SEO Consultant

Why should your business choose a freelance SEO consultant like myself?

My approach as an SEO specialist is to provide your business with a competitive edge, delivering personalised SEO strategies that cut through the noise and help you stand out in the organic search results.

How do I keep up with Google’s algorithm updates as a freelance SEO consultant?

Staying agile and informed is part of my daily routine. As your freelance SEO consultant, I ensure that your site remains optimised for the latest search engine updates, maintaining your visibility and rankings.

What distinct benefits do I offer as a freelance SEO expert for my online business?

With a deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape, I offer targeted, results-driven SEO tactics and growth levers that can be swiftly implemented, ensuring your business not only keeps up but excels.

Can I as a freelancer compete with the SEO provided by big brands?

Even though I work part-time and don’t engage in link-building activity, my SEO expertise is on par with that of full-time agencies. I offer a dedicated and bespoke approach, focusing on the specific needs of your business to carve out a prominent place for you in your industry.