Google’s New Search Console Crawl Stats Report

Today, Google announced the launch of a brand-new version of the Search console crawl stats report to help webmasters better understand Googlebot crawls of their websites. This is a nice improvement to those legacy crawl stat reports. Helps give a quick view of what pages Googlebot is crawling, what user-agent bot is it frequently crawling with, your host’s status, etc.

To view the new crawl stats report, visit this link or locate the report on the Settings page.

GSC new crawl stats report

I personally think this gives SEO’s working for smaller sites (usually with limited IT resources), a chance to see some useful data within the search console itself, not having to worry about requesting IT for Googlebot server logs and having to process them using a log file analyser.

new google search console stats report

The additions to the report include valuable Googlebot crawl insights such as;

  • Crawl requests breakdown by status codes (200, 301, 404, etc). My favorite report to monitor your crawl budget consumption on non-200 status code URLs.
  • Crawl requests breakdown by file type (HTML, JS, CSS, image files, etc).
  • Crawl requests breakdown by purpose (refresh/discovery). A steady increase in discovery is probably a good sign indicating Googlebot is finding and crawling new content on your site.
  • Crawl requests breakdown by bot type (desktop bot, smartphone bot, etc). All sites by now should have a higher smartphone bot crawl percentage (Mobile-first index).
  • Crawls on your host properties. Monitor Googlebot requests especially to your sub-domains to understand which ones are crawled more frequently than others. A nice report to also check host availability issues.

If server logs is something that you like dwelling into, I would recommend you to watch Jamie Alberico’s talk where she talks about using server logs to find very useful insights;

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